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Qe by kashmira

Fashion designer Radhika Rawat approached us to collaborate on creating an artistic look to her social media pages using some of her gorgeous prints. Here are some fun collages we came up with.

Qe insta grid-06.png
Qe insta grid-10.png
Qe insta grid-11.png
Menu Mockup.jpg

Vandana Jagwani’s Vandals is India’s first lab grown diamond jewellery retail store. Heta Bhuta was approached by Architect Ayesha Puri for a collaboration to create a dynamic experience of art, design and technology to reflect the brand’s work and origins. For a brand that brought about a revolution in the Jewellery industry, we wanted unique and eye-catching visuals. Street art and luxury stores, unlikely combinations but for Vandal’s distinctive story, a variety of graphics which incorporated graffiti, pop art, music and popular culture were made to emphasise its singular existence.

Menu Mockup.jpg
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