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Introducing Heta Bhuta Design Studio, a creative vortex swirling in the heart of Mumbai.


We're not your typical run-of-the-mill studio. We're a fierce tribe of visionaries, unapologetic spirits and wickedly talented individuals, founded and led by women.

Collaboration is our secret sauce. We've danced with clients across every conceivable industry, from the funky and fabulous to the daringly disruptive. Together, we birth creations that are audaciously real, packing a punch that knocks you sideways.


We don't just design — we're storytellers extraordinaire. We dive headfirst into the depths of your brand's essence, teasing out its quirks and hidden treasures. Armed with wit, charm, and a touch of irreverence, we craft experiences that tug at heartstrings and leave your audience gasping for more.


In a world that craves sameness, we stand tall as the vibrant misfits, the creative renegades. We'll help your brand shine brighter than the Mumbai skyline, blending cutting-edge design with ingenious digital strategies. Together, we'll raise the roof, disrupt the status quo, and paint the town in a kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions.


Ready to break free from the ordinary and redefine brilliance? Hold on tight—it's going to be a wild adventure.

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